Encaustic Painting

Recently, I decided to try encaustic painting. I purchased encaustic medium (in this case a blend of beeswax and demar varnish by R&F) and basically just went to it. I decided not to do a great deal research because I wanted to explore the medium. After all, I’d made candles in the past, so why not paint with it? As it turns out, it’s more than just melting wax and not burning your fingers!
By just layering wax and acrylics, I completed the following pieces below. I’ve since watched some very helpful videos on YouTube and identified my missteps. Over all, I adore the layer effect that the wax creates. I’m serious about learning how to use this technique with drawing, adding Pearlex powder and possibly oil.
The list of possibilities keep adding up! I can’t emphasize enough how helpful YouTube tutorials have been in my creative adventures. I’m still glad I took the time to play around with the encaustic medium!
– Wood Panel
– Acrylic Paints
– Encaustic Medium by R&F

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