Rainy Days are Creative Days

People sometimes ask where I find my inspiration. The answer is that it’s not just where, but when! My work seems to revolve around the seasons.
Now that spring is in full measure in Michigan, I find myself enjoying a misty rainy day. I’ve always felt my creative best when it rains. It helps the plants (and my inspiration) grow and bloom. I just completed a painting that revolves around rain, an element we’re getting a good splash of here in Michigan.
While on the topic of rain, I would like to add that it often finds its way into my writing. Whether a setting for a poem or a way to express a sorrowful mood, rain sets the tone. For me, it’s a good time to reflect and plan what I’ll do when the sun is shining.
Rainy Day in the City by Patricia Arnold. Acrylic on Canvas.

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