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Working with resin can be addictive! I spent the early part of this year creating jewelry, coasters and even some containers! Because I have to add a hand painted touch to everything I do, most of my creations go beyond glitter and resin tints. Most of these designs are available for sale at the amazing Shrine of the Pines Gift Shop in Baldwin, Michigan during the 2021 season.

To say I enjoyed creating these is putting it mildly! I managed to use natural materials, such as birch bark, shells, sand and other elements. For some of these pieces, I used a mold to create the form, painted on the hardened resin and then added a coat of resin to embed the art. I also used a layering technique for the lighthouse pendants I made, adding art to each layer for a 3D effect.

Adding metallic pigment to your resin makes the surface lustrous! It makes a beautiful, shimmering background to paint on, and it’s perfect for winter scenes and holiday projects. Just about any painting looks dazzling on a shimmering backdrop.

Although this page is image intensive, these are just samples of the things I made! Painting on resin is incredible, it is such a smooth surface; yet, a challenge because many of these pieces are quite small. Scroll down to see them all!

Winter Scene Resin Coaster Set
Winter Scene Resin Coaster Set – created and hand painted by Patricia Arnold.
snowman bookmarks resin
Hand painted snowman resin bookmarks by Patricia Arnold.
Ocean Barrette Resin Art work
Resin ocean barrette created and handpainted by Patricia Arnold.
peacock pin resin
Handpainted resin peacock pin by Patricia Arnold.
3D lighthouse pin
This resin pin has a 3D effect! I painted each layer with detail for a multi-layer necklace design. – by Patricia Arnold.
moon pendant resin
This resin moon pendant has a miniature night painting by Patricia Arnold.
Autumn leaves resin necklace
Beautiful autumn leaves are handpainted onto resin for this lovely autumn necklace. – by Patricia Arnold.
Silver Leaves
Silver leaves on resin painted by Patricia Arnold.
sand dollar sea coral shells
A sand dollar, sand and a tiny shell imbedded in resin with hand painted coral and sea life. – by Patricia Arnold
fish ocean life sea resin necklace pendant
Handpainted fish and sea life on resin by Patricia Arnold.

Embellishing them was so much fun! For the birch designs, I simply coated birch bark with UV resin, painted designs on the first layer and then added more coats of resin to seal the acrylic paintings I created. As you can see by all the images, I got carried away! My birch bark creations had a tendancy to curl. This was great for things I wanted to curve, but a challenge for things I didn’t wish to curl.

birch bark
Birch bark and hand painted resin earrings by Patricia Arnold.
Birch bark earrings by Patricia Arnold.
Handpainted birch bark resin earrings by Patricia Arnold.
Handpainted birch bark resin necklace by Patricia Arnold.
Hand painted birch bark resin necklace by Patricia Arnold.

Another thing I tried was combining resin with woodburning. For one necklace, I woodburned waves in a circle and filled the inside with tiny metal shapes embedded in resin. It’s great when I can combine art mediums like this!

Resin embedded in a woodburned shape. Wave theme resin necklace by Patricia Arnold.

I also managed to print a couple of my paintings onto a transparency to embed in resin. This was an interesting process, and a way to enjoy art work in the form of a necklace. I plan on creating more of these in the future, as I have been busy creating fine art that can be used for this purpose. This miniature painting embedded in resin is from an acrylic painting I made years ago.

resin winter scene art pendant
Art print embedded in resin. Art and resin necklace created by Patti Arnold.
panda necklace resin
This panda necklace consists of a panda and mountain landscape painted onto resin mixed with a fine metallic pigment. – by Patricia Arnold.

I hope you enjoy looking at everything I enjoyed making! Do you work in resin? How do you use it? Drop me a line!

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