Handmade Hardwood Maple Leaf Set of 4 Coasters

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This set of maple hardwood coasters feature a pyrography maple leaf 2 design on each one. Each coaster is signed on the reverse side by the artist, Patti Arnold. Each coaster is completely handmade from genuine maple hardwood that was sliced, dried, sanded, decorated and sealed with resin. Each coaster has a matte look. The bark has been sealed with resin, to minimalize chipping.

The wood is sourced from our yard, from a beautiful sugar maple tree that was damaged from a storm. This gorgeous tree produced maple syrup during the spring of 2021, and is still intact. The wood comes from one section of the tree that broke off during the storm. In the background of the photos, you can see a slice of hardwood to show a large sample of the source wood. Each wood slice was sourced by family members from reclaimed wood. sliced by my brother and father, a Vietnam veteran. There are a limited number of these coasters, so get a set while they last.

NOTE: You will receive a single set of 4 coasters, arranged in similar widths. Some of the coasters are thicker than the others, and the photos show the differences in the height of the stacks. Some sets will be thinner or thicker than others. Coasters of a similar thickness were arranged together. Each decorated piece will vary in terms of woodburned detail and woodgrain, no two are exactly alike. You will receive your stack of 4 coasters wrapped in hemp. Included in your stack of coasters is a hand stamped gift tag of a maple leaf. The stamp was carved and printed by the artist onto the tag with red, archival ink. This set of coasters will make a 100% handmade gift created from beautiful Michigan maple hardwood.

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Images the property of Patti Arnold, ©2021.

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