11/22/20 GRAND OPENING! – Announcing the Grand Opening of our Facebook and Instagram stores. Use the buttons below or visit our main Facebook page to shop our line of handmade gifts and accessories. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for access to our promotional offers, sales and more! Access our Linkin.bio for additional places to purchase our items. Plus, shop our Etsy shop or Amazon Handmade shop. Find more ways to purchase our products (including digital) on our In Stores page.

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11/21/20 Our press-on nail store is open on Facebook! Be sure to like, follow and visit our page to see our designs and order online!

8/15/20 – Coming soon! Full color print t-shirts we will be listing shortly! We have also added to our full cover press-on nail collection! View our full cover nail sets for sale on Etsy and Amazon Handmade!

1/1/20 – We are now offering press-on nails that have been airbrushed and hand-painted. Choose from sets featuring unicorns, tropical fish and more. We also accept custom orders and will be offering pre-configured sets by spring of 2020. Visit our Nail Art section to learn more about ordering.