We have original Art for Sale! Contact us for availability of original paintings, handmade art, pyrography (woodburning) and prints.

8/15/20 – Coming soon! Full color print t-shirts we will be listing shortly! We have also added to our full cover press-on nail collection! View our full cover nail sets for sale on Etsy and Amazon Handmade!

4/20/20 – Check out our Artistic Apparel page for our emerging line of wearable art!

3/26/20 – Temporary changes due to COVID-19. Custom ordering options are available! Contact us for details. Items sold out will be replenished as soon as possible. We believe that art is uplifting in difficult times. We will continue to honor orders as we can fulfill them, but delays can be expected. If your order is subject to delay, we will notify you immediately and refund your purchase if needed. You can expect us to keep making art for the duration for you to enjoy! Visit our Facebook page or Instagram to see what we’re working on. Stay safe and stay healthy. We can get through this together.

1/16/20 – Our customers who love pets will now be able to purchase prints of their favorite pups and kitties in our store! Our first series features small breed dogs include Yorkshire terriers, pugs and dachshunds. We’ll be offering t-shirts and other items you’ll enjoy. Shop our selection in our handmade section or in our shop.

1/1/20 – We are now offering press-on nails that have been airbrushed and hand-painted. Choose from sets featuring unicorns, tropical fish and more. We also accept custom orders and will be offering pre-configured sets by spring of 2020. Visit our Nail Art section to learn more about ordering. 

Introducing our new hand painted press-on nails! We create your custom size set of nails with a combination of airbrush and paintbrush techniques. Each nail is a work of art! Custom orders available! Shop our designs or learn more about ordering.